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Specialised Home Palliative Care 

We deliver palliative care compassionately and professionally. We are also committed to being unobtrusive and sensitive, remembering respect at all times.  
We can support 24 hours a day or drop in daily. You and your family are in complete control, and we will work hard to meet needs, preferences and final wishes. 

Specialised Palliative care for your loved one. 

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We are here to help when you need us 
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Pain management – our carers can make sure you receive your medication on time as well as any other treatments 
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Monitoring symptoms – our palliative care workers can monitor your symptoms and work with your healthcare team to alleviate and manage them. 
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Domestic care – our carers can help keep on top of housework such as vacuuming, dusting and doing the laundry 
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Personal care – our palliative carers can help you with washing, bathing, dressing and using the toilet 
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Companionship – during this challenging time, we can provide emotional and psychological support to you and your loved ones 
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End of life planning – our carers can support you as you make end of life decisions such as funeral arrangements 

What are my palliative care options?  

There are several options to consider when choosing palliative care. These include: 
Personal & domestic care 
Many of our clients with life-limiting conditions appreciate help from our palliative care workers with day-to-day tasks. This could range from personal support like bathing, washing and meal preparation to household chores and running errands. We are always ready to help. 
Live-in care 
Live-in care is another alternative giving the added reassurance of a palliative carer available 24-hours providing support any time of day or night. We match our carers with clients based on personality, preferences and needs. Our live-in carers provide care as long as it’s needed. In the face of a life-limiting illness, live-in palliative care can ease the burden of day-to-day responsibilities while our clients spend precious time with family and friends. 
Respite care 
Looking after a loved one is incredibly rewarding, but sometimes we all need a break to look after ourselves. That’s why we offer respite and crisis care to support you and your family. 
Why choose palliative care at home? 
Staying at home 
Most people want to spend their remaining days in the comfort of their own home. Palliative home care is one of the best ways to do this. Our services enable people to spend their final days surrounded by loved ones with privacy and respect. 
Our clients appreciate being able to remain at home in a familiar environment surrounded by happy memories and their favourite things. Palliative care at home offers peace of mind. 
Another benefit of palliative care is that it can vary according to need. It can begin with modest care always delivered with dignity and respect and increase if needed as time goes on. This could mean clients are able to remain at home, without the need to go to a hospice or hospital. 
The presence of compassionate palliative care professionals provides valuable reassurance. It enables individuals and family members to focus on each other and what really matters, whilst we take care of day-to-day essentials like meal preparation and housework. Your palliative carers can also provide emotional support and a shoulder to cry on if you need it. 
Facing a terminal illness is already difficult and moving away from home can sometimes make it even harder. That’s why our clients find receiving palliative care at home helps to maintain some normality and family and friends can visit without having to stick to specific visiting times. 
Palliative care at home can mean continuity of care too with a dedicated team of carers assigned to clients so they get to know them and their preferences. 
Palliative care at home is not appropriate for everyone. Each person’s health needs are different and going to a hospital or a hospice may be unavoidable and the best place for someone with acute medical needs. We always work with families and relevant health professionals to make informed decisions each step of the way. 

Quick Questions?  

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What is palliative care? 
Palliative care at home is specialist domiciliary care designed for people dealing with a life-limiting illness. The primary aim of this support is to make you or your loved one feel as comfortable as possible in those final days. This involves managing pain or any symptoms. It can also include psychological and emotional support, such as providing company or a friendly face. 
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When can palliative care start? 
Palliative care can be started as soon as you are ready, not just at the end of life. Whenever you choose our services, we will aim to provide excellent quality care that puts you at ease, makes you more comfortable, and preserves your dignity. You can rest assured that you will always be in good hands. 
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How much does palliative care cost? 
As with all care at home services, the cost of palliative care varies according to your individual needs. Some people may only wish to receive an hour or two of support whereas others need 24/7 palliative care. The best way to price your requirements is to chat with us on..... 
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How quickly can palliative care be arranged? 
We know that circumstances move fast in the face of life-limiting illness. Symptoms can get worse with little notice, and more care may be needed after a hospital visit. That’s why we offer crisis care that can be set-up as quickly as you need. We can also support you with palliative care at short notice. To get started, simply call Care Givers Ltd to quickly assess and arrange it for you. 
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How can I choose between different palliative care providers near me? 
Choosing a provider for palliative care might feel like an intimidating decision. We are passionate about providing excellent quality care and are committed to full transparency so that you make the best decision for you, whether that be palliative care at home, in a hospital or a hospice. 
We believe that we stand out from other providers because of our commitment to quality and always putting our clients’ needs first. 
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End of life planning – our carers can support you as you make end of life decisions such as funeral arrangements 

Why so many families trust us... 

Personalised Care 
Everyone's needs are different that's why we provide personalised care unique to each person. Our high-quality palliative care is flexible when circumstances change and always delivered with compassion, dignity and respect. 
Quality Assured 
We understand that choosing palliative care is a big decision, so we have strict performance guidelines and are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, Quality Assurance Team local authorities, giving you confidence that our care and support is quality assured. 
Excellent Training 
Our palliative care and support teams are carefully selected and receive excellent training. 
Let us help... Call us directly on: 01206 890904 
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