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Meet the the team at Care Givers Limited. 

Clementine Sanyaolu 

Meet Clementine, the visionary owner and Registered Manager of Care Givers Limited. Since establishing the company in 2015, Clementine has demonstrated unwavering dedication to providing exceptional care services to our community.  
With a BAHons Degree and a Level 5 qualification in Health & Social Care Leadership & Management for both children and adults, Clementine brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Her leadership ensures that Care Givers Limited operates with the highest standards of professionalism, compassion, and integrity.  
Clementine's passion for enhancing the lives of our clients and employees, together with her commitment to excellence, makes her a driving force behind the success of the organisation.  

Aaron Chisango 

Meet Aaron, our esteemed Care Manager, Aaron. Aaron brings a wealth of expertise to our team as a qualified Mental Health Nurse (Dip MHN).  
With a deep understanding of mental health care, Aaron is dedicated to providing compassionate and personalised support to our clients. His qualifications and experience enable him to lead our team with professionalism and empathy, ensuring that individuals receiving care for mental health conditions receive the highest standard of assistance.  
Aaron's commitment to excellence and his passion for enhancing the well-being of those we serve make him an invaluable member of our team.  

Leah Potter 

Meet Leah Potter, our esteemed Lead Care Assessor. With extensive years of experience in the care industry, Leah brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Currently working towards a level 5 qualification,  
Leah holds a level 3 certification, demonstrating her commitment to professional development and excellence in care provision. Her dedication to ensuring the highest standards of assessment and support for our clients makes Leah an invaluable asset to our team.  
With her compassionate approach and depth of experience, Leah plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of those under our care.  

Diego Perrone 

Meet Diego, our dedicated Care Coordinator. Since joining the team in 2020, Diego has brought over 3 years of invaluable experience in the care industry.  
With a passion for ensuring the well-being of our clients, Diego plays a pivotal role in coordinating and managing our care services. His commitment to excellence and compassionate approach make him an integral part of our team.  
Diego's dedication and expertise contribute to the exceptional care we provide at Care Givers Limited. 

Serena Chilver 

Meet Serena Chilver, our dedicated Registered Manager at Care Givers Limited. In addition, Serena is the Registered Manager at our care home, Barnfield Residential.  
With over 30 years of experience in the care industry, Serena has devoted her career to supporting individuals with learning disabilities and challenging behaviours. Holding a Registered Managers Award and qualifications in Health and Social Care at levels 4 and 5, her expertise ensures the highest standards of care for our clients.  
Serena leads our team with compassion, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence. 

Victoria Doe 

Meet Victoria, our dedicated Assistant Care Assessor. With a background in the care industry since 2016, Victoria has gained valuable experience in office-based roles, contributing to the smooth operation of our care services.  
Currently working towards her NVQ level 4 qualification, Victoria demonstrates a strong commitment to professional development and excellence in her role. Her organisational skills and attention to detail play a crucial role in supporting our care assessment process.  
Victoria's dedication to providing quality care and her ongoing pursuit of knowledge make her an invaluable member of our team at Care Givers Limited. 

Jayabharathi Aks 

Meet Jaya, our accomplished HR Recruitment and Training Advisor. With a diverse educational background including a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and a Master's in HR Management, Jaya brings a unique blend of technical expertise and HR knowledge to her role.  
Since joining the care industry in 2022, Jaya has focused her talents on recruitment and training, playing a vital role in building and nurturing our dedicated team of caregivers. Her commitment to identifying and developing top talent ensures that Care Givers Limited continues to deliver exceptional care services.  
Jaya's passion for both technology and human resources makes her a valuable asset to our organisation, driving our mission to provide compassionate and professional care. 

Mansi Singh 

Meet Mansi, our esteemed PBS Lead. With a strong academic background including a BA (Hons) in Applied Psychology, M.A in Psychology (Clinical), and an MSc in Clinical Health Psychology, Mansi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role.  
With 2.5 years of experience working in mental health settings, Mansi is dedicated to promoting positive behaviour support (PBS) and enhancing the well-being of our clients. Her depth of understanding of clinical psychology and commitment to evidence-based practices make her a valuable leader in our team.  
Mansi's passion for empowering individuals and fostering a supportive environment aligns perfectly with our mission at Care Givers Limited. 

Pauline Huckstep 

Meet Pauline, a key member of our Care Givers Limited team. With over 45 years of experience in accounts and payroll, Pauline brings a wealth of expertise to her role. She began her career by completing SAGE courses, laying a solid foundation for her skills. 
Pauline's dedication to accuracy and efficiency ensures that our financial operations run smoothly, allowing us to focus on providing excellent care to our clients. Her attention to detail and depth of knowledge make her an invaluable asset to our organisation. 

Clive Jamera 

Meet Clive, our dedicated House Support Manager at Care Givers Limited. With over 4 years of experience working with young people in care, Clive brings a wealth of expertise to his role.  
With an academic background including a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management and a BA in Events Management and Hospitality, Clive plays a pivotal role in the setup and management of our supported living houses, health and safety protocols, new client onboarding, and maintaining communication between all professionals and clients involved in our supported living care services. 
Clive leads with compassion and professionalism, and his diverse skill set and knowledge base make him an invaluable team member. 
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